Version 5 of MPA3® has arrived – Since MPA3® came to market, we have raised the performance, usability and support to new heights! Since 1997, we have created award-winning software, and now Mansion Productions' team presents our brand new version of MPA3®,
the all-new V5!

Only the most innovative technology and programming is used. MPA3 V5 is designed with "ease of use" in mind, and "intuitive" is another major keyword. Using minimal system resources and can handle large volume transactions. In addition, we have worked closely with security experts to make sure the new MPA3 V5 options are as secure and protected as possible...

MPA3 V5 has a lot of new and never before seen features. Now you can see historical stats displayed in high-color graphs. You can do trend analysis, fraud control, unlimited number of programs and combinations.

In MPA3's online dashboard, administrators will see a snapshot of daily activity that shows the number of free and paid trials, plus full membership sales and conversions, re-bills, credits and chargeback's, along with overall totals, listed by volume, dollar amount, payout amount or profit — whatever parameters make the most sense to your individual program.

With MPA3, customization is the key to enjoying the granularity of control offered by the system, without excessive options or cumbersome settings. In fact, customization is the hallmark of MPA3 V5, with the dashboard being so finely tunable that every user is likely to have a unique setup.

Administrators have total command over MPA3's comprehensive stats reporting (including e-mail reports), with customizable screens for administrators and affiliates; allowing specific setups that define items such as table titles, stats formulas and even data alignment on a per-column basis; offering unique visual presentations based on the program's needs, rather than being forced into a pre-defined form.

Program management options are readily available, allowing administrators to specify a wide range of parameters — including cookie and IP-based tracking methods and expiration times; integration with MaxMind's market-leading minFraud anti-fraud system; custom currency exchange rates and more.

Users may easily specify MPA3's cascading order, with individually set standard, geo-IP and check cascades; along with an intuitive biller configuration screen that allows you to efficiently integrate each biller's individual options, for what is decidedly not a "one size fits all" approach to paysite management - where each billing company's unique strengths can be leveraged for maximum profitability.

Flexible user rights, including full control over sub-admin access levels that prevent employees from exceeding their authority by making unwanted modifications — or maliciously sabotaging your system, a.k.a. "Rogue Programmer Syndrome" — add an extra layer of security when dealing with staffers.

MPA3 makes promo content management easy as well, with settings to control free-hosted galleries and sites — along with a gallery, picture and movie of the day promotional tool. Flexible console setups include a variety of display and payout options for pop-ups, pop-unders and other advertising types that are popular with program owners and affiliates alike.

Speaking of affiliates, MPA3 V5 allows administrators to control every aspect of an affiliate program, including the countries from which affiliates may register; along with affiliate payout percentages; plus fraud prevention settings; manual account approvals; blacklisting and "Top 10" affiliate lists. A news and mass mailer function, as well as the automatic display of required IRS tax forms for U.S.-based affiliates, along with other tools, round out the systems offerings.

From the affiliate's perspective, MPA3 V5 provides easy access to all its relevant controls and to the program's promotional content, along with comprehensive, customizable statistics — including sales volume, dollar amount and payout, along with referrals and more - giving today's sophisticated affiliate all of the tools he or she needs in order to succeed.

Regardless of how big or successful your adult website(s) are, Mansion Productions' MPA3 V5 can give you a competitive edge that will launch your company into the lofty ranks of adult web superstars.

MPA3 V5 has 24/7 support, so when you choose MPA3 you know you will always get help if you need any support. We have an advanced support ticket system that will alarm our team of programmers if an emergency occurs. We know our customers are our bread and butter and trying to make them happy is our #1 goal!

About MPA3® V5 - History

MPA, version one of Mansion Productions Automation program saw daylight for the first time. This version was primarily an automation program for then Epochsystems' reseller program – the idea was simple, to automate everything that a reseller program needed to be easy to use for both the program owner and the reseller. It worked very well.

2002 – 2012
MPA developed new and better versions, and eventually named the software MPA3®. Through all these years of continued development, MPA3® has set the standard in Affiliate Marketing and Stats Software.
2012 - Summer
MPA3® Version 5 released. Version 5 completely reinvents the way program owners and affiliates work on a day-to-day basis. With its brand new interface, graphical charts for ANY type of statistics, and intuitive navigation, we have yet again created the supreme software for any serious affiliate program. The 12 years of experience put into version 5 of MPA3® SAAS, Pro and Enterprise makes this the pinnacle of MPA3® releases.

Special OFFER

Five added MPA3 Source Code Version licenses for sale, adding prepaid custom work packages.

MPA3 affiliate management and tracking software was for the first time in history offered for sale at only $4,750, which includes initial installation and full access to modifying source code.

This was so successful that we are adding another 5 licenses for sale and adding prepaid custom work packages which was in demand.

Normal source code version license price is $47,500, so this offer is for only 10% of normal sales price.

The prepaid custom work packages are:

  • 10 hours custom work: $1,250 ($500 discount)
  • 20 hours custom work: $2,200 ($1,300 discount)
  • 50 hours custom work: $4,900 ($3,850 discount)

Over the years MPA3 has been sold as a license to rent only, however after doing a market research on the respective wants and needs by affiliate program owners, we have decided to do a market test by offering the fully licensed source code version to up to a maximum of 10 programs. This campaign was so successful, we decided to add a few more licenses for sale.

The source code license sold is subject to only a few limitations.

  1. Rebranding and reselling of software is not permitted.
  2. Support of source code is valid for 60 days after installation on client’s server, or until the moment source code is modified by client. Whichever comes first.
  3. Releasing source code to public is not permitted.
  4. Maximum 10 licenses sold.

Clients will receive MPA3 v5, which completely reinvents the way program owners and affiliates work on a day-to-day basis. With its intuitive interface, graphical charts for any type of statistics, and sleek navigation, we have created the ultimate software for any serious affiliate program and its affiliates.

18 years of market experience is put into version 5 of MPA3, and as such program owners can feel confident when they purchase the source code, which is very well written, intuitive, and ready for additional modifications by client’s own developers.

We believe, after talking to numerous program owners, that having full control of your own source code is extremely important, and not being bound by limitations often given by licensor of software will give the owner a great sense of security.

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2018 - APRIL
Five added MPA3 Source Code Version licenses for sale, adding prepaid custom work packages ‐ YNOT News

2018 - JANUARY
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2015 – JULY
Mansion Productions Integrates DocuSign Into MPA3 Software ‐ XBIZ NEWS

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2014 – AUGUST
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2014 – JULY
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2014 – MARCH
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2013 – MAY
MPA3 Integrates Use of Bitcoins Through BitPay Biller ‐ AVN BUSINESS

2013 – JANUARY
Mansion Productions is once again the XBIZ Software Company of the Year, after being the Software Company of the Year 2008 and having numerous other awards! The company was honored for the release of its MAS Version 2 content management system plus the launch of its MPA3 v5 cascading billing and affiliate management system.

2011 – OCTOBER
MPA3 Puts Payment Processors to the Test ‐ AVN BUSINESS


Implemented membership discounts

CCbill, Epoch System and or any Merchant Gateway Processor.

Integrated join page setup section,

where admin can define for which webmaster/tour combination what products should be displayed on the join page or buy page.

Integrates "other payouts" section,

where admin can add an extra bonus/compensation payout for a webmaster to appear in his next payout report.

Full control on the design of the website.
New templates engine using XML and XSL.
Enhanced security & performance

MPA3® Pro Framework was re-written from scratch to improve overall performance and tighten security.

Flawless XML support

MPA3® Pro core was upgraded to generate and work with XML. This allows lossless exchange of complex data between systems that use different formats.

Random password are now user friendly.
New IBAN and BIC fields for wire.
Much more customizable welcome page.
Join page stats

Join page hits, unique and submissions.

Proxypass support.
Improved Infrastructure.
Recently added RSS feeds.
Added payout levels.

This feature allows webmaster to define different payouts for the current payout period depending on how many sales the webmasters did.

Unlimited number of programs,

covering all possible combinations of flat and/or percentage rates for any combination of site, webmaster, tour, console, subscription.

Ability to set

members area and access on per subscription level.

Easier, safer, more attractive and future ready

for all kinds of businesses.

Can be translated in any language

and used with unlimited number of languages at the same time.

Multi-language support

for Hosted Galleries, Picture of the Day and Gallery of the day.

Multi-language cancel, decline, deny page.
Custom domains (per gallery)

can be used for Hosted Galleries linking codes

Gallery of the day now supports thumbs.
MPA3® Pro's user interface

have been updated to improve usability without altering the familiarity of the program experience.

New statistical charts.
Blog Entries
Web Services

Installer and auto-updater yes    
Pixel tracking affiliate link option   yes yes
Template engine with design freedom using XML and XSL yes yes yes
Allow sub admins with site specific access yes yes yes
E-store & tangible shipping support   yes yes
Micropayment "token" style cam and VOD support   yes yes
Advanced SMS and WAP features yes yes yes
Easy billing processor cascade admin yes yes yes
Geo tracking menu with redirects and billing options yes yes yes
Unlimited commission options – flat rate / percentages / mix yes yes yes
Real-time member statistics for each site in the program yes yes yes
Displays detailed affiliate URLs stats & traffic info yes yes yes
Displays sign-ups, sign-up ratios and processor used stats yes yes yes
Ranks referrals by the amount of traffic sent yes yes yes
Campaign tracking for website owners yes yes yes
Fully graphic stats displays yes yes yes
Tools and systems in place to increase member retention yes yes yes
Reward and Incentive Programs yes yes yes
Live stats mini tool yes yes yes
Comprehensive join page stats tracking yes yes yes
Integrated ad tracking for in-house campaigns yes yes yes
Opportunity to offer several tour options yes yes yes
Detailed profit stats yes yes yes
Loads of customizable e-mail mailer options yes yes yes
Opportunity to link directly to the signup pages yes yes yes
keeps full history of all active, cancelled or declined members yes yes yes
Instant account activation for affiliates yes yes yes
Real-time statistics yes yes yes
Full graphic stats displays yes yes yes
Stats for uniques, signups, sign up ratio, which processor, etc. yes yes yes
URL link code auto-generation yes yes yes
shows comprehensive referral (traffic) info yes yes yes
webmasters choose how they're paid, check, e-card, wire, etc. yes yes yes
Cascading Billing yes yes yes
GeoIP targetted billing options yes yes yes
Custom biller integration   yes yes
Full use of billing integration list   yes yes
Billing limited to select payment processing partners yes    
Enhanced security & performance yes yes yes
built in anti-cheating features yes yes yes
warning if traffic is from the same anonymous proxy server yes yes yes
alerts if signups come from the same IP yes yes yes
Report options preset for fraud detection yes yes yes
Allows revoking of commissions due to fraud or charge backs yes yes yes


Ron Cadwell

"CCBill has worked diligently over the years to provide webmasters with a stable billing platform and ways to maximize profits. MPA3 is also a program to maximize profits for webmasters. CCBill entered a relationship with the Mansion group over 15 years ago and is excited to still be working in conjunction with Mansion Productions and the new MPA3® program."

Brian Randall
Pistol Media/Raging Stallion Studios

"When you're in the production and distribution business it's impossible to find the time to keep with the latest in billing. And it's essential for cashing in on new markets. This is where the MPA team truly excels. MPA2 was an easy to use and robust system that saw our program become a strong player on the gay web. MPA3® has now made it possible to sell our services to virtually anyone in the world. It (MPA3®) has increased our top-line by 10-15% with next to no-effort. The MPA team stays abreast of the latest billing opportunities and rolls them out as they become feasible, which means we can stay focused on producing hot-content, great sites and our customers. It's an elegant, reliable tool for capitalizing on a volatile, fast moving market. And the service is awesome!"

Mitch Farber
President, Netbilling

" Netbilling's reduced processing rates coupled with Mansion's MPA3® software maximizes profits across the board. The Netbilling merchants that are using MPA3® for affiliate management are very happy with the way our systems combine to give online merchants extreme flexibility and control over all aspects of their processing. The tools that Mansion provides program operators helps them increase sales and keep their affiliates happy."

Alec Helmy
XBIZ, GigaCash and ASACP

"MPA3® is the ideal solution for companies looking to maximize sale attempt conversions. The integration of MPA3® into our existing webmaster programs has yielded impressive results."

Dan Parodi

"Innovative solutions drive the marketplace and WTS is pleased to be partnered with Mansion Productions, a leader in 3rd party affiliate and content management software.  MPA3® clients benefit from cutting edge solutions that provide the diversification, performance and opportunity -- especially in transactions processing --  to become more competitive and achieve increased profitability in an ever changing market."



Here is the full schedule for the rent:
  • MPA3 SAAS Monthly License Fees (prepaid):
  • 1-10 sites in program $249.00
  • 11-20 sites in program $349.00
  • 21-30 sites in program $449.00
  • 31-40 sites in program $549.00
  • 41-50 sites in program $649.00
  • Each additional 10 sites in program add: $75.00
  • Dedicated DB and backup can be ordered separately

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Here is the full schedule for the rent:
  • $99 a month for up to 50 signups
  • $199 a month for up to 100 signups
  • $350 a month for up to 200 signups
  • $450 a month for up to 450 signups
  • $575 a month for up to 1000 signups
  • $675 a month for up to 1500 signups
  • $775 a month for up to 2000 signups
  • $875 a month for up to 2500 signups
  • $975 a month for up to 3500 signups
  • $1075 a month for up to 4500 signups
  • $1175 a month for up to 5500 signups
  • 5500 signups and above - $115 per block of 750 signups
  • We only count NEW end user sales only towards the rent fees. Not from trial to full membership, rebills, etc.

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