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Mansion Productions was founded in 1997, and with our versatile staff we released the first commercial cascading affiliate program software (MPA) in the world in 2000. It quickly became the most popular affiliate backend in the industry, and current version MPA3® is a leader in affiliate management and tracking software.

In addition to MPA3®, we developed and maintain MAS® (content management software), and have our superior staff of in-house developers on hand to take on your custom projects as well. If you are looking for reliable internet design services, look no further. We have some of the best designers in the industry, ready to handle your needs. Mansion Productions knows what it takes to be successful on the internet, and we work tirelessly to share that success with you.

Mansion Productions Products

This is the software it all started with! TAKE YOUR PAY SITE TO THE NEXT LEVEL … GET SERIOUS WITH BUSINESS.

Version 5 of MPA3® has arrived – Since MPA3® came to market, we have raised the performance, usability and support to new heights! Since 1997, we have created award-winning software's, and now MP team presents our brand new version of MPA3®, the all-new V5!

Only the most innovative technology and programming is used. MPA3 V5 is designed with "ease of use" and "intuitive" in mind. Using minimal system resources and can handle large volume transactions. In addition, we have worked closely with security experts to make sure the new MPA3 V5 options are as secure and protected as possible...

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MAS® is a state-of-the-art software designed to automate the creation and support of pay sites through a convenient web interface.

MAS® v2.0 comes with a brand new modern interface. It is carefully designed not only to be nice to the eye, but to make the workflow more intuitive, faster and with less limitations imposed by web 1.0 style. It is also more flexible, and allowing for a better and faster scalability while we add new features to the next versions to come.

It is not only a minor upgrade with a few more features added, but it's a complete rewrite eliminating holdups in version 1.x and introducing a brand new innovative interface and a lot of new and improved features to make the life of the site admin even easier.

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Special OFFER


Software Company of the Years 2013, Mansion Productions, is introducing a significantly lowered price on their flagship product MPA3 PRO for new clients. Any clients who purchased MPA3 PRO in the last month will receive the difference between the license fees they paid, and the new one by receiving free monthly rents.

The price is lowered from $2,900 to $750, and still includes free assistance in setting the client’s affiliate design, setup of the first site inside the software, and free support.

For years, MPA3 has had few competitors in our industry, but too often, we have lost sales purely on price point. Those days are over now that we offer a completely competitive initial price on the MPA3 PRO version of our award-winning affiliate management and tracking software. Time to let quality, not just the price, show who gets the sale!

In addition, we will offer programs that moves over to MPA3 PRO from competing software an additional 50% off the initial license fee, as well as free transition assistance to get fast to market and without any hassle.

We are also introducing a new monthly rent-fee of only $99. This level will allow new companies while they build up their initial customer base with a super affordable entry level on the MPA3 PRO software package.

Take a look at our user-friendly, intuitive, scalable and customizable software and find out for yourself why we were voted Software Company of the Year 2013!

To see demo of MPA3 V5: www.mpa3demo.com


2014 – August

New pricing on our MPA3 Pro and MPA3 Enterprise announced AVN

2014 – July

Mansion Productions enters into a strategic alliance with Red Apple Media AVN

2014 – March

MPA3 sponsors 10th Annual Phoenix Forum Charity Golf Tournament XBIZ

2013 Mansion Productions is once again the XBIZ Software Company of the Year, after being the Software Company of the Year 2008 and having numerous other awards! The company was honored for the release of its MAS Version 2 content management system plus the launch of its MPA3 v5 cascading billing and affiliate management system.

Mansion Productions Services

Mansion Productions Services

We are proud to say that we have some of the best Web Designers in the industry. Some of them have been with us since day one and have a vast understanding of what makes a website sell! We have created some of the most popular sites on the Internet and the next one could be yours. We create unique and appealing adult websites with excellent interaction and compatibility. We work closely with our customers to make sure the client get the design exactly how they like it. We do not give up until the client is totally happy with the results!

Being one of the "Dinosaurs" in this industry we feel that we know a lot about what it takes to run
a successful online company.

We can help you maximize your traffic, get the most out of each unique visitor to get a better signup ratio, tell you where and how to advertise, where to host, as well as educate you about payment processors, foreign traffic, how to get traffic and much more!